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Intelligence Insights

Nnabi HERO

EJ Kim and Marina Pen, co-founders, Nnabi

"We want to change how women experience perimenopause so they can stop suffering needlessly and instead, thrive."
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WEB HERO IMAGE 22 Reseda Luteola

Modern fragility: Reawakening fashion

Fashion turns to technology and material experimentation to explore permanence in a world of fragility.
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White X with the words Ten Years on a background of peach colored clouds

The Future 100 celebrates ten years

100 days after the Future 100 launch, a look back at a decade of trends
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BANNER The Peninsula London Lobby 1

Palatial stays

A new crop of uber-luxe hotels is courting travelers who want to live like modern royalty.
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Intelligence News

F100 2024 Numbers VML com

Key Brand Opportunities for 2024

VML launches the tenth edition of ‘The Future 100: 2024’ with the world’s first virtual futurist who can answer real-time questions about the trends
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